Babcock-Davis Announces the Release of its new Personnel Roof Hatch Design

  • 4th May, 2015

Babcock-Davis, an industry leader in roofing products, announces enhancements to its popular Personnel Roof Hatch.

This change includes four standard sizes of ladder and ship stair hatches in steel or aluminum.

With feedback from industry experts, Babcock-Davis has upgraded the personnel roof hatch features to include clear and concise labeling for installation and operation. Maintenance professionals and building owners can now scan a QR code from their smart phone or tablet for online digital access to parts, warranty, complete installation, operation and maintenance documents and more.

In addition, the curb and counterflash has been modified with increased insulation resulting in improved thermal performance for a total of R-6 or 5.6 LTTR. The integrated counterflash now includes pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation of safety railings.

The operation of the hatch has been modified to include a safety yellow pull down handle that is capable of holding up to 200 pounds. By utilizing gas spring technology the clear opening size increased and provides a smooth, controlled operation with less effort to open and close the hatch. The hinges have been moved to the exterior of the hatch and now allow for pitched roof mounting up to 7:12 without curb correction.

The new hatch design, the Personnel II, will be available and start shipping from the factory the week of May 4, 2015. Look for the new hatch at your local distributor or inquire from your roofing representative. For more information, please contact Babcock-Davis or visit